We started The Home Sanctuary because we believe everyone deserves the peace of mind & happiness that comes with an organized, functional home.

As busy mothers (each with three kids) we know first-hand that life can leave your home messy. We get it. Even as professional organizers and stylists, our homes can often get unorganized and cluttered with kids’ school papers, sports equipment and outgrown clothing. As much as we wish we lived inside a perfectly posed Instagram shot, the truth is we don’t!. While we may not have it all together all the time (let’s get real, who does?) we have learned the art of developing and maintaining spaces in our homes that are functional and flexible enough to truly work for our busy lifestyles. By making sure every item in our house has a home, tidying up spaces is a quick activity instead of a weekend long chore!


 Fun facts about Katie & Kari

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Get to know us a little better:


Meet Kari

- Kari is more the creative side of THS and makes all of our labels, both written and custom, does most of our social media posting, and is the QUEEN of space styling.

- Kari loves to travel and tries to leave the good ole USA at least once a year. However, do NOT ask her to sleep in a cheap hotel. She loves nothing more than a hotel with amazing amenities. She has her eyes on Italy for her next big adventure.

- All three of Kari's kids and her husband are avid runners. However, Kari thinks she would DIE if she tried to run a mile. She is an amazing cheerleader and spends countless hours at cross country meets (and it should be stated that she DOES workout- running just is not her thing).

- Things she cannot live without: a nightly bath, homemade popcorn, her sound machine, or her Ninja coffeemaker

- Most frequently visited restaurant: Simply Thai

- Favorite TV show: Downton Abbey

- Favorite reality TV show: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

- Kari is married to her high school sweetheart + they have been together for more years than Kari would like to admit!


Meet Katie

- Katie is the QUEEN of to-do-lists, slightly obsessive about managing our budget, and can spot a bin not in the right place from across the room.

- Katie likes to travel, but spends most of her time in the USA. She still has young kids so trips to Iowa to visit family and a yearly trip (or two) to Florida seem to take up all her travel these days. Once her kids get a little older their plan is to start hitting up all 50 states, and in the meantime can anyone say girls trip?

- Katie does not like sports and is not competitive, but finds her weekends are filled with sporting events for her kids OR hosting a game watch at her house for everyone to cheer on the Cats. Cheering her kids on from the sidelines and opening up her home for entertaining others rank high on her list of things that make her world go round.

- Things Katie cannot live without: eating in bed, her Roomba, Cinnamon Dolce coffee, or Amazon/Kroger Clicklist.

- Most frequently visited restaurant: El Nopal

- Favorite TV show: Parenthood

- Favorite reality TV show: Very Cavallari

- Katie met her husband at O'sheas (you CAN meet your husband in a bar!).



Ready to reclaim your weekends, put away the to-do-list and spend your time finding rest & refuge in your personal Home Sanctuary?