Prepping Your Closet for Fall

Prepping your Closet for Fall

Fall is upon us! Bring on the earlier bedtimes (we can hope!), all the pumpkins, cozy cardigans and boots. Along with the change in season, comes a time when people are in their homes more.  Kids are in school, you aren’t traveling as much, and most people start to spend more time indoors. During this “hibernation” season we want you to feel calm and at peace inside your home.

Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up provides a lot of excellent tips on how to organize your home to make it your own personal sanctuary.

In her book, Marie says that her favorite place to start getting “tidy” is inside a person’s wardrobe. We could not agree more, and we love nothing better than a good closet clean-out! While we may not share ALL of the same philosophies as Marie Kondo, we definitely agree on some of her key points, and we definitely share in her belief  that no matter what kind of closet space you are working with, you want to fill it with clothing that truly “sparks joy” and makes you feel good when you put those pieces of clothing on every day!

So read below as we give you our FIVE best tips to get your closets fall and winter ready!

Move ALL clothing items you own into the room where your closet is located.

Now this might seem kind of painful, BUT it is the most important! When purging your wardrobe, DO NOT FORGET to check all closets, dressers, laundry room, attic, storage rooms, etc. for more of your clothing.  We suggest moving ALL items from these places into the room where your closet is. In addition to clothing this includes swimwear, shoes, jewelry, outerwear, formal wear, scarves/belts, and purses. This way you have all clothing in one place as you decide which items to discard and which items to keep.  This step can also help you assess the quantity you have of certain items. For example, most people have no idea how many white shirts they have, so putting them all in ONE location will make you aware of your belongings.

Think about the last time you wore an item. Would you would buy the same item if you were out shopping now?

If you did not wear the item for the entire last season there is a great probability that you will never wear it again! Also, if you would not purchase the same item today it most likely does not spark joy anymore, and we say adios! DISCARD!  

How do you feel when you wear it? This includes your INTIMATES!

Do you feel confident, beautiful, sexy, powerful while wearing it? Or as Marie says, does it spark joy?  If you do NOT have a positive feeling when you put it on, it is time to discard! This is one of Marie’s points that we love!We should be choosing what we want to KEEP, not what we want to get rid of.

Along with your main clothing items (pants, shirts, dresses, etc.) make sure to go through and throw away old undies and bras. There’s no need to be hanging on to undergarments that are hanging on by a thread! Just like you want to rock what you wear on the outside for the world to see, you also want your undergarments to make you feel good! We don’t want you strutting around in your best jeans while wearing tattered underwear underneath! No one else might see it, but you will know what you’ve got on and feel great!

Does it fit?

Are you saving clothing that you hope to fit into again one day? Is it hanging in your closet because it needs to be altered or repaired? Is it stained, ripped, torn, stretched out?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, DISCARD! Your closet should be filled with items that bring you joy and happiness. Get rid of anything that makes you feel bad when you walk into your closet including those jeans you have kept the past 5 years because you swear you are going to lose the last 10 lbs and wear them again. We guarantee once you do lose those last 10 lbs you will want to celebrate. So, go buy yourself a new pair of jeans! But, until then, don’t keep clothing in your closet that makes you feel poorly every time you walk inside of it.  

Do you like the color?

Often we are pulled to a certain color even though it may not look the best on us. You may get an item home and never actually put it on your body. So save yourself some closet space and put it in the donate pile. Someone else will get a chance to give it some love!

Taking the time to clean out your closet can seem overwhelming.  We get it! But, we promise once you dive in you will feel amazing with the end result.  If you need advice, put a date on the calendar and convince a friend to help! A bottle of wine, great music, and some good takeout on a Friday night is never a bad idea 

And if you still feel like you don’t know where to start, remember, your friends at The Home Sanctuary are only a phone call away! We can help you make those tough decisions and we will make your closet a space you truly enjoy looking at every day! We can even provide the wine!

Once your space is filled with only items you love, getting dressed becomes a breeze. You will most likely find that you have an extra 5-10 minutes every day to sleep, meditate, or actually get yourself out the door on time.  Feeling amazing in what you wear will also help you feel confident and present your best self to the world.

If you would like to read more from Marie’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, you can purchase it here.

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