Holiday Gift Guide- 5 Easy Gifts

Hey all! The holidays are right around the corner and we thought we would share our top 5 organizational products that your friends and family (and even you) would love to receive! Everybody wants to be organized, but often people just don’t know where to start. These items will help give your loved ones the boost they need!


#1 The Home Sanctuary Gift Card

You can’t go wrong gifting someone you love a gift card from THS! We will gladly turn the space of their choice into their very own home sanctuary! Gift our services to help a loved one meet their New Year's resolution of a clean pantry, or closet, or to just live with less clutter.  

#2 Oxo pop-ups for the pantry!

These are fantastic for the baker in your life. They are super efficient for storing baking supplies, nuts and other dried goods. Bonus: they look beautiful in a cabinet or pantry!

#3 The Home Edit book

These girls are based in Nashville and are totally killing it in the world of home organizing! We can’t wait to get our hands on their new book in March. Click to preorder and gift to someone who loves and appreciates organized and beautiful spaces! It is already almost a number one bestseller and it just went on pre-order last week!

#4 Emily Ley’s 2019 calendar

We have raved on Emily Ley numerous times on our Instagram and we will continue to do so. She is the queen of planners and we look forward to filling out our weekly schedules on the beautiful pages- and we can truly say it makes planning fun- they even convinced Kari to switch from digital back to paper! Her patterns, prints and colors just make you happy, and who doesn’t like being happy?

#5 Refrigerator Organization

This set of organizers will help keep things from getting lost and going moldy in the back of the fridge! The clear bins make it easy to see what’s inside and will help you keep your fridge nice and neat and well stocked!

Now, get yourself organized and start shopping early. You will be so happy you did come December!