Behind-the-Scenes: Our Homes Decorated for the Holidays


It is Christmas time in case you hadn’t heard ;) I didn’t decorate until Thanksgiving weekend but I definitely had the itch to get started earlier this year. I don’t really know why other than I think we all needed a few twinkle lights to help deal with the time change and it getting dark so early!

We thought we would give you a peek into our personal Christmas decorations. Katie and I have never claimed to be professional Christmas decorators, but we do enjoy decorating our own homes. We feel like holiday decorations can reveal so much about a person or family...or at least that is how we like it!

Whether it is drinking hot chocolate by the fire while playing Christmas carols or dressing in matching PJ’s, the holidays seem to revolve so much around tradition and the same can be said with our holiday decorating. We all tend to use the same dear pieces year after year and it is always fun to mix in with some fun, new stuff. A lot of our ornaments hold special meaning and so our “family tree” is filled with mostly those ornaments and ones the kids have made over the years.

Katie and I both have live trees in our homes. I always had a real tree growing up (the big fat ones cut right off the farm!) and I loved it and my kids LOVE having a real tree now so that is a tradition we will continue. The smell is so wonderful-- but yes, the needles can be a mess! It is sometimes harder to decorate the real thing, as you can’t bend and contort branches to hold things, but that is part of the beauty of the live tree.  They can definitely be kind of wild and kind of messy. You just have to embrace it!

Here is a peek into our homes...