Everything You Need to Know About Downsizing

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Are you planning to downsize soon? Or maybe your parents are in the process? If so, we are guessing that there are a lot of emotions going on with you and your loved one, including a lot of overwhelm! You probably feel like you have a huge mountain to climb to get the house on the market and it often seems IMPOSSIBLE. Chances are there is a ton of “stuff” to go through and there are an endless amount of memories tied to each item and every room. THIS IS A VERY NORMAL FEELING! So many people avoid selling because they simply cannot deal with the thought of going through decades worth of stuff.

Enter The Home Sanctuary team! We will guide you through the process from start to finish and take a major load off. Here are a few tasks that need to be considered when planning a downsize (these are part of what we coordinate!).

  1. Arrange a dumpster and/or junk haulers. This is usually a necessity when downsizing. We try to recycle, donate, and consign as many items as possible but trash (and lots of it) is simply unavoidable.

  2. Coordinate all items that will be taken away for donation as well as items for consignment.

  3. Schedule fitness equipment to be picked up and taken for upcycling (client gets paid on spot for any items).

  4. Provide labels for all moving boxes.

  5. Determine items for HAZMAT (old paint, cleaners)

  6. Declutter and stage every room so that it is most appealing to the masses, including rearranging rooms, organizing spaces, minimizing personal items, etc.

We know how mentally and physically exhausting moving is and we want to make it less daunting for our clients. We love helping with this process and 100% can provide the support you (or your loved one) needs during this transition. Whether you want to get started now and slowly work as the months go by or book us for a solid week to knock it out, we are here to make downsizing a positive experience and easier for you and your family.

Let The Home Sanctuary help so you can start looking FORWARD and not be weighed down by all the stuff from your past! And (shameless plug alert) we are also REALLY good at unpacking and setting up your new home. Let’s face it, by this time you will probably be too tired to do it yourself.  

Let’s make your new home your sanctuary!