Artisan Signature Homes Pantry

We had SO MUCH FUN staging and styling the pantry for the Artisan Signature Homes showcase house! It is not every day we get the opportunity to have a totally blank slate with a project, and it is an understatement to say that we were thrilled to receive so much positive feedback and interest once the project was complete. So, we thought it would make the perfect blog post to take you through the journey of how we brought the project (and the pantry) to life!

When you are small business owners, your brains are in constant thinking mode… How can we reach more people?

Get our name out there? Continue to grow our business? Quite honestly, the “thinking mode” is something we struggle to turn off, and it is common for us to be texting each other at 11 pm with our next big idea. Between managing our clients and our families we haven’t had much opportunity to do this sort of fun side project. However, we both knew that there was never going to be enough time or the perfect time to take on extra work so we decided to just jump in and add a little extra to our plate with the hope that the “extra” work would bring us great reward.

It has been a dream of ours to work with Jason and Gretchen Black. They are a husband-and-wife, builder-and-designer powerhouse duo in Louisville, and they produce the most AMAZING work.  We have been BIG fans of theirs for some time, and we love watching their home and design projects come to life. You can follow them on IG @artisansignaturehomes and @gretchenblack and on their Youtube channel,  Building A Better South


Gretchen and Jason do projects in new construction, renovation and design, and they are ALWAYS on point. We knew they were going to have a show house in the Norton Commons Welcome Home Tour and had been following along with their progress on the project for months. The house was built in conjunction with Fine Home Building and every room is seriously a dream! When it came time for them to start furnishing the house and getting the final prep done for the tour, we knew our styling/organizing skills would be the perfect addition to the pantry in the house.  We thought of ourselves as the bonus icing on an already delicious cake :)

In short, we took a leap of faith and reached out to Gretchen via Instagram asking her if we could showcase our work in the pantry. She could not have been more on board and positive about including THS in their show house. We spoke with Artisan’s construction manager, Zach (who was awesome to work with!) and got the ball rolling. After getting a sneak peek at the house to take measurements of the pantry, we were off to start shopping.


Besides using bins, no pantry is complete without the classic canned good tiered shelves and Lazy Susan  turnstyles. The tiered shelves are the best for helping you keep track of canned goods, and the Lazy Susan’s are great for making those heavier condiment items accessible. Both products are game changers for keeping track of inventory in your pantry and really do help reduce the amount of over-buying.


Of course, no pantry is complete without labels.  Since we don’t have The Container Store easily accessible (insert our frustration!) we took one of our "go-to" labels  from Target and spray painted them matte black. We loved the final look.


One of our FAVORITE parts of the pantry is the rainbow we created using these OXO containers.  We don’t usually get to do this as a rainbow because it’s not very functional for a family.  However, it was the perfect compliment to this show pantry.


The final step for preparation was actually stocking the pantry with food.  We headed to two of our favorite stores: Costco and Trader Joe’s. We joked about how many of the granola bars would be gone when we go to pick our stuff up.  We know just walking into the pantry is going to make people hungry and want a snack (and surely there will be some tempted parents dragging grumpy kids through the show houses! ha).

We finished off by using pieces from our own homes to stock the higher shelf: trays, platters, plates, kitchenaid mixer and instapot.

We very often say that organizing is a WORKOUT. The blacktop had JUST been poured the day before we showed up to set up the pantry, so we had to carry all the food and bins from a block away.  I think we both got our 10,000 steps in that day!

Working in such a beautiful space was so energizing and fun and we can’t thank Gretchen and Jason enough for trusting us to display our work in their inspiring home!

It’s not too late to go to take the tour yourself! We can’t wait to hear how much money the Norton Commons Welcome Home Tour  raises for the Metro United Way!