Memory boxes- Why they are a game changer

Every picture tells a story, every child is an artist, and we always want to be able to take a trip down memory lane..png

Every picture tells a story, every child is an artist, and we always want to be able to take a trip down memory lane. 

We get it! Managing all the kids’ important papers is one of the biggest struggles our clients and followers talk about.  What do you keep? Throw away? What will your child REALLY want to look at 20 years down the road? 

One thing we know for sure is that NO ONE will want 15 storage bins filled with miscellaneous items from their childhood.

We absolutely understand that kids’ keepsakes are important. We also know that these special memories are often hard to manage and store.  The Home Sanctuary is now offering the perfect solution to help you contain all of the important papers, artwork, awards, and certificates that your child brings home from school. 


Our adorable memory boxes are customized for your child to hold all the important things. They are perfect for any parent and also make the best gifts for baby showers, 1st birthdays, and back to school.

Read below for our top 5 tips on how to decide what to keep and what to let go.  


01. Make sure it has your child’s name written on it. 

This tip is especially true if you have more than one child. You think you will always remember every special piece that your child brings home and could never forget which child made the perfect painting in art class.  Fast forward 5 years. We guarantee you will have had many more memories (and art projects) made. Your brain will be fuzzy. Do yourself a favor - if you think your child will love this picture in 20 years - make sure it has their name on it.  You (and your slightly older brain) will thank you. 

02. Does it have a handprint, footprint, thumbprint?

You can keep it.  Put a name on it, date it, and file it away (or frame it and hang it to display in your home).  For this tip the name and date are essential. You will want to know how old your sweet, but now 30-year-old, child was when you captured their handprint.  

03. Does it include a special place/trip you visited?

No, you don’t need to keep every brochure your child picked up on the trip but a few mementos are great keepsakes. 

04. Special note or memory 

Special notes, photos, letters from friends and teachers. Self portraits or drawings of the family? Your child’s first letter or list of favorite things. Mother’s Day and Father's Day gifs. These are all ok to keep and are the ones that will most likely cue the tears and emotions some years down the road. 

05. Awards, Certificates, Report Cards

Of course not every certificate is keep-worthy, but a couple from every year along with a report card is plenty. 

One essential thing to do is thin items out as they come in the house. Every Friday when your child brings home their work for the week look at it with them, and make mental notes right then and there on what you will *secretly* be throwing away after your child has gone to bed.

 *Side note- ALWAYS hide whatever you throw away in the bottom of the recycle bin and never let your child see what you throw away. 

Put everything you decide is special enough to keep (reference list above) in your new memory box.   Then, at the end of the year/school year go through the items again and thin out one more time. It may have seemed more important and special in August than it does in May and laying eyes on it again will help you decide, “is this really worth keeping for another 15 years?”

Overall, it is important to remember that 10-20 pieces from each school year is most likely PLENTY. This number of items provide enough memories and highlights the special moments, but it also helps you to keep your storage room not overpowered by clutter and an overwhelming amount of items to look through.  Also, your child is more likely to keep ONE box of special memorabilia when they are older than 12 boxes that they throw in the back of a storage space and never look through.

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