New Website Reveal!

Ahh, isn’t she lovely??

We cannot tell you how excited we are for YOU to be viewing this blog on our new, revamped, beautiful website!

Let’s be very clear. When THS was born, we knew next to nothing about branding and its importance to our success. Holy cow, did we get a fast education! We also quickly connected with Karima from @karima.creative and she brought our initial visions to life. We were amazed! Oh and pro tip - - it is WORTH EVERY PENNY to delegate and hire out when you do not know how to do something!!

Marketing? Branding? Story boards? SEO? Lord, it would have taken us a century to get all of these things figured out, much less created! Karima has been a godsend. She listened to us, learned about our business, colors we were drawn to, services we offered, our backgrounds, and the list goes on and on and that initial site was beautiful. It worked for us perfectly. 

As most things in life, our business has ebbed and flowed as we have grown and our website needed to grow with us.  Karima to the rescue again!

We felt the need to simplify things. We wanted our site to truly reflect our business and the standard of services that we provide. We also wanted it to be fun and a place where clients are truly inspired.  Our new site feels soft, relaxing, simple and clean. Much like the feeling our clients feel when they walk into their new “sanctuaries”. 

We are so proud to show off our new site and also so proud of how far we have come!

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