Where To Put A Desk In Bedroom Feng Shui? 2 Worst Direction

Let’s dive into Feng Shui, an old Chinese secret that makes your room feel just right. It’s all about where your stuff goes, like your desk. In Feng Shui, a well-placed desk can help you get things done faster and better. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and find the perfect spot for your desk in your bedroom. Ready? Let’s go!’

How to Place Your Desk for Good Feng Shui?

Desk Placement and Good Vibes

Chi, or life energy, is a big deal in Feng Shui. Your desk’s spot can change how Chi flows around your room. If your desk is in the wrong place, it’s like a roadblock for good energy. You want your desk to play nice with the rest of your stuff and let the good vibes flow freely. This can help you get more done and feel better while doing it.

Best Spot for Your Desk

For a good energy flow, your desk should be in a “boss” spot. This means you can see the door from your desk. But keep your desk out of the direct line with the door. It’s like standing in the way of a wind tunnel – not comfy or good for concentration. Also, don’t turn your back on the door. It can make you feel like you’re not in control. If you can’t avoid it, use a mirror to see the door or hang a picture of a mountain for a feeling of support.

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Desk Placement Helps You Focus

Where your desk sits can also change how well you work and focus. A desk in the right spot can make your room feel balanced and positive. It’s like having a personal cheerleader helping you stay creative and get things done. So, moving your desk to the right place can be a simple trick to help you work better and feel good doing it.

Where Should I Put My Desk in My Bedroom?

Finding the Perfect Spot Based on Your Room

First off, take a good look at your room. Check out the size and where the door and windows are. We suggest putting your desk in a spot where you can see the door, but not right in front of it. This setup is a great way to make the most of the Chi, or life energy, in your room, and can help you focus better when you’re working.

Why You Shouldn’t Face the Door

Here’s a hot tip: don’t put your desk straight in line with the door. Why? Because in Feng Shui, we believe that this setup lets the Chi rush in and out too fast. It can mess with your focus and create a kind of wonky energy. Instead, try to set your desk up so that you can see the door but aren’t directly in its path. This way, you can keep the energy balanced and peaceful.

Thinking About Windows and Walls

Considering putting your desk near a window or wall? Well, there are ups and downs to both. A desk near a window gives you lots of natural light and a nice view, which can boost your mood and productivity. But the downside is that it might distract you or cause a glare on your computer screen. If you put your desk against a wall, the solid wall can make you feel secure and steady, which is a plus point in Feng Shui. But the downside is you won’t have much of a view of the room, which can be a bit dull.

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Where Is the wealth corner of a desk in feng shui?

Ever heard of a ‘wealth corner’? In Feng Shui, it’s a special spot on your desk that can help you attract good luck and money. It’s like having a little helper to bring in success!

Think of the wealth corner as a magnet for money and success. It’s the southeast corner of your desk, based on a Feng Shui tool called the Bagua map. Keeping this corner nice and tidy invites good energy, or ‘chi’, and can help bring in more opportunities for you.

Want to boost the energy of your wealth corner? There are a few tricks you can use. Add things that make you think of wealth, like a green plant, a bowl of coins, or a pretty crystal. Use colours that shout ‘money’! Gold, purple, and green are great choices. You can add a photo frame or a decorative item in these colours. Another cool tip is to add a lamp or a light. Light gets the energy moving. The idea is to make this corner feel rich and vibrant to you.

Tips for Desk Placement in a Bedroom

Balancing Feng Shui with Your Needs

Feng Shui talks a lot about ‘Chi’, or energy flow. But we have to think about real-world stuff too. Maybe you need your desk near a plug for your laptop, or by a window for light. The trick is to find a spot that’s good for energy flow, but also works for you day-to-day.

Making Feng Shui Work for You

Everyone is different, and so is the way they work. That’s why you can bend the Feng Shui rules to suit you. Think about what you do at your desk and when you do it. If you draw, you might want lots of natural light. If you work at night, you need a spot where a desk lamp won’t bother anyone. Make the rules work for you.

Thinking About Desk and Room Size

Don’t forget to think about the size of your desk and your room. A big desk in a small room can mess with the energy flow. A tiny desk in a big room might feel, well, tiny. Pick a desk that feels right in your room, and place it where you can move around easily.


Think about the Chi, where your desk sits, and that special wealth corner. These Feng Shui ideas can help make your room feel better. They can even help you work better and maybe bring some good luck!

Go ahead, give it a try! Move that desk and feel the change. Feng Shui might seem like a big word, but it’s just about making your space feel great. So why not give your desk, and your room, a little Feng Shui touch?