Here’s what you get when you work with us:

✔ Complimentary 15-minute FaceTime consultation

✔ A team of two organizers.

✔ $120/hour for two organizers- quotes given after consultation

Shopping/returns of items needed to fully optimize the space and how we organize it (baskets, labels, etc)

Arranging/categorizing/organizing your space

Questions to help us create more than just a space that looks good - but one that is completely personalized to be functional and make your life easier

One car load of donations per job.

Custom labels for your spaces.

Support and communication for up to after two weeks of organizing via phone or email.

Other ways to work with us.

Space refresh

It is so normal for life and your spaces to get messy! For our existing clients, let THS come back and give your space a REFRESH!  Refresh packages cost $100/hour for our team of two and are an AMAZING deal! They are a way for you to find joy in your space again. Refresh packages have a minimum of two hours. 

Do-it-yourself (with help!)

For $250 we will come to your home for a 1 hour consultation and assess your space WITH you. We will walk you through how THS would tackle the project and give you step-by-step directions on how to complete the project yourself.  After your consultation we will send you links for products that we recommend. You will also receive 1 follow-up email/text during the middle of your project and a FaceTime review when your project is complete to answer any follow-up questions. You may also purchase any custom labels for an additional charge.  

Virtual Packages

Package A - $250- includes up to a 1 hour virtual call where we walk you through the process of a cleanout of your space, recommend the products needed, and you get to work!

Package B - $300 - Package A + a follow up virtual call and THS labels mailed to you to complete the job.


 Let us help you organize the busy parts of your house to help bring you peace of mind.